Release Date: - Sep 01,2023

Movie Genre:- Drama

Language(s):- Hindi

Duration:- 02:10 Hr


Release day for Love-All is set for September 1st, 2023. The story of Siddharth, a youngster from a tiny city, begins in a run-down railroad quarter that his mother was given when his father passed away as one of the few benefits of working for the railroad.

He becomes bitter and distant as a result of feeling neglected and rejected by those in positions of authority; a long cry from the guy he was when he was playing. While moving on with his life and blaming sports for everything that is wrong in the world, the despondency that comes with not being able to play the sport he was so passionate about leaves some apparent scars on his brain.  His suffering and ensuing aversion to sports cascade down to his family and his friends.

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