Mango (April - June): Known as the "King of Fruits," mangoes are sweet and juicy, making them a favorite during the scorching summer months.

Watermelon (April - June): This hydrating fruit is perfect for beating the heat, with its juicy and refreshing flesh, abundant during the hot summer days.

Papaya (June - August): With its rich orange hue and tropical taste, papaya is a summer fruit known for its digestive benefits and sweet flavor.

Musk Melon (May - June): Musk melon, with its sweet aroma and juicy flesh, is a popular choice to keep cool during the warm months.

Lychee (May - June): Lychees are small, translucent fruits with a sweet and fragrant flavor, typically enjoyed during late spring and early summer.

Jackfruit (June - August): This large, tropical fruit is often enjoyed in India during the monsoon season, with its unique taste and versatility in dishes.

Grapes (June - August): Available in various colors and sizes, grapes are a delightful summer treat that can be enjoyed as a snack or turned into refreshing juices.

Jamun (June - July): Also known as Indian blackberry, jamun is a small fruit with a tangy and slightly sweet taste, often relished during the early monsoon.

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